Science Solstice 2017

Driscoll PTO’s Science Solstice is almost here! On Fri. Dec. 8, Driscoll celebrates “Science Solstice:” a day when the whole school suspends its regular routine to do science.

Grades K to 5 stay in the building and are ‘wowed” by science with presentations of live animals and simple machines, from the Museum of Science and Mass Audubon Society. Students learn about the scientific methods as they build paper geodesics dome, learn how the human brain works or discover states of matter.  At the end of the day, they respond through writing and drawing about the question: “What do scientists do?” These activities are planned and run by Driscoll parents. ****We could still use a few more parent volunteers! We especially need a parent volunteer in 1st grade classrooms. But we could also use a few extra volunteers to be scientist assistants that day. Please email if you can consider helping out.

The middle schoolers (6th. 7th and 8th graders) leave the building and each student visits one working science lab or facility. Lab tours and activities are arranged by Driscoll parents. These field trips both pique students’ interest in science and expose them to different careers in science and technology.  ****As a reminder to middle school parents, please pack a lunch for your child on Science Solstice. They are out of school nearly the entire day so they cannot buy lunch in the cafeteria.

All in all, it’s a great day of learning and discovery! Thank you to all the parent scientists and those who have volunteered their time for the morning already.


Family Giving Campaign

Dear Driscoll Families,

On October 16, 2017 we’re kicking off  the Family Giving Campaign. Our goal is twofold. We hope to raise $40,000, and we hope that 100% of our families will donate by November 17, 2017.

The Family Giving Campaign is the PTO’s major fundraiser for this school year. The Driscoll PTO raises money each year to fund the great programs like Science Solstice, and Arts Equinox, but also professional development for the awesome teachers we have here at Driscoll.

On Wednesday, November 1, from 6:00 – 8:30 pm a team of parents from most grade levels will “Dial for Driscoll”. We aim to contact each Driscoll family to either thank them for their donation, or encourage them to donate. If you get a call, answer the phone! Our parent volunteers will be eager to chat with you!


Driscoll PTO

Donate below, via your myschoolanywhere account, or by bringing a check to the main office.

As a special thank you to all families that participate you will receive an exclusive Driscoll school magnet to demonstrate your school spirit! 


Thank you from Kim Longmore

Dear Driscoll,

This year brings many things to celebrate in my life, one being 10 years in the town of Brookline. I started working for the town as the Evening Operations Manager for Adult Ed. at the Brookline High School. Prior to that, I had worked many years, in many capacities at Plimoth Plantation. (Pilgrim, Basket Maker, Curatorial Manager and Education Dept. Manager) etc.

What I really want to celebrate is Nov. 18th. 2016.

That was the day I was hit and run by a car in the Washington St. crosswalk and left to die! A funny thing to celebrate for sure, it’s been a long year of surgery, therapy, pain and a journey of recovery I am still on, but nothing is the same as it was before that day! That being said, one of the things that changed for the better is my kids and friends. They sure don’t take me for granted anymore (having almost lost me 2 or 3 times will do that your loved ones!)

I try not to take things for granted either, for example, Driscoll School walked to the Temple for our Evacuation Drill, during which, I reflected on the times this year I had spent in a wheel chair, not knowing if I would walk again (or if a number of other body parts would ever work again either!). Another change for the better is my Driscoll Family. Crisis seems to bring out the best in you folks, and not a day goes by now that I don’t get hugs and words of encouragement from you!

My Driscoll family never forgot me even though I was gone. Almost 6 months! Your visits to the hospital, notes, cards and gifts never stopped! I appreciated everything you did for me more than you will ever know! (Nothing is better than flowers, or an Edible Arraignment or a craft project, when you least expect it!). During the worst times, I spent many sleepless nights reading and re-reading your cards, notes, and letters.

My hospital room and then my physical rehab. room were covered with your children’s cards, notes and photographs. You even replaced my glasses so I could see! And when I did return to Driscoll School, my office was literally covered in hearts! Every student in every class had cut out a heart and written a note of well wishes and support!

Best of all this experience has brought us all closer, it’s a different relationship now, and we are truly a family. I thank you, my children and grandchildren thank you, and my friends thank you! Had you not been there for me, I do not know if I could have come through this difficult time.

Love, hearts, and kisses!

Kim Longmore


What’s Growing On? Driscoll Garden News

What’s Growing On? Driscoll Garden News

Have you had a chance to check it out? There is still a lot growing in our raised beds.

Danielle, of Green City Growers, and the DASA Gardening team have added beets, spinach, and bok choy under the cold frame. They also pulled out some “misplaced” garlic that was planted to early.  If you want garlic to be added to the garden, please let us know! We will create a space for the garlic and talk about the process of growing garlic. The DASA Garden Team have also been removing bugs considered pests: namely cabbage worms and Japanese beetle grubs. And, of course, watering, weeding and feeding (compost).  They also learned about sheet mulching, utilizing newspaper and salt hay in one bed to help retain moisture for the remainder of the season. (The irrigation has been disconnected for the winter). Don’t forget: while it’s time to blow out your irrigation and store your garden hoses, your yard/perennials will still like water at least every couple weeks, and our winters actually can have dry spells.  Compost and mulch can help.


Principal’s Corner November 2017

Dear Families,

Have you ever wondered when is the appropriate time to discuss social media use with your child/ren? While social media users are required to be at least 13 years of age according to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), many children become aware of social sites and apps much earlier. Driscoll families are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the different forms of social media that students are exposed to so they can support safe, responsible and respectful citizenship in a digital world. At Driscoll School, we follow the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum. In addition to learning more about useful media resources, families can also find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by visiting Common Sense Media HERE.

Principal’s Corner
November 2017
Dr. Suzie Talukdar

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