Box Tops

Start collecting your Box Tops!

Box Tops for Education makes it easy to help the PTO earn extra cash.  Make a difference every time you go to the grocery store!  Just follow these easy steps:
1.  Clip Box Tops – Find Box Tops on hundreds of your favorite products.  Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to our school.
2.  Send Box Tops to School – Each school has a box for the box tops to be placed in. Simply put all your box tops in a plastic bag, label it with your child’s name and teacher’s name, and drop it in the box labeled “Box Tops.”  A representative from our school will collect the Box Tops and send them to Box Tops for Education.
3.  Our School Earns Cash – Twice each year, Box Tops will send our school a check worth 10 cents for each Box Top redeemed.
for a complete listing of Box Top products.