Arts Equinox & Music to My Ears

Unknown-3Arts Equinox & Music to My Ears is a two day celebration of the Arts & Music held each year at Driscoll. From visual to performing arts, world class musicians, and everything in between, the school opens its doors to a wide array of artists from within and outside the school. Our children are swept up in a creative swell of classical, ethnic and contemporary music, visual art, dance, performance art, video making, and animation…all activities aimed at feeding their creativity and enriching their imaginations. One or two Chairs spearhead the extensive organizing and planning of the Arts Equinox festival, coordinating monthly meetings that begin in late fall.

Kids for Kids 2018

Kids for Kids is a very special part of our Arts Equinox celebration on March 28th & 29th. Kids for Kids is a special time where each grade level joins together to share their talents with one another. Some ideas are: singing a song, playing a song on an instrument, telling a joke, performing a …

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